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Graduate School welcomes Elizabeth Dunn in Regensburg

American anthropogeographer as Visiting Research Fellow at the Graduate School in May and June


The Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies welcomes Elizabeth Cullen Dunn, Associate Professor at the Department of Geography of the Indiana University Bloomington, as Visiting Research Fellow in Regensburg in May and June 2016.

Dunn’s research focuses on the effects of large bureaucratic systems during periods of cataclysmic social change. Looking at industrialized humanitarianism, business management, and the government regulation of agriculture, she asks how people both use, modify and circumvent rationalized managerial systems as they rebuild their lives after disaster or large-scale social transformation. Her current project focuses on humanitarianism and displacement. She is particularly interested in the effects of international aid among internally displaced people (IDPs), victims of ethnic cleansing who have been forced to become refugees in their own countries. Between 2009-2012, she conducted 16 months of fieldwork in IDP settlements in the Republic of Georgia.

Dunn published amongst others the acclaimed study "Privatizing Poland: Baby Food, Big Business, and the Remaking of Labor" (2004). A forthcoming book is entitled "Unsettled: Humanitarianism and Displacement in the Republic of Georgia".