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The Graduate School welcomes four new PhD candidates

The members of the fifth round of PhD students at the Graduate School have commenced their research work


The Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies welcomes four new PhD candidates in Munich and Regensburg: Eva-Maria Walther, a social anthropologist, Philipp Tvrdinić, a literary scholar, as well as Anton Liavitski and Daniel Schrader, both historians.

Eva-Maria Walther writes her thesis on the subject of "Convergence and Divergence of Tolerance and Nationalism: How Activists Fight Slovakia’s 'Tolerance Problem'" and is supervised by Ger Duijzings in Regensburg. Daniel Schrader analyses political practices and languages during the Russian Revolution and the Civil War 1917-1919 [Demokratie repräsentieren? Politische Praktiken und Sprachen russländischer Räte- und Stadtdumendelegierten in Revolution und Bürgerkrieg, 1917-1919]. The work is supervised by Guido Hausmann in Regensburg.

Philipp Tvrdinić writes a dissertation on Stanislaw Lem and cybernetics, supervised by Riccardo Nicolosi in Munich. Also in Munich, Anton Liavitski examines the Belorussian intelligentsia and the nation state since 1991, supervised by Martin Schulze Wessel.

A joint welcome ceremony for the new PhD candidates and the new Master students of the Honours Master's Programme East European Studies at LMU Munich and the University of Regensburg will take place on December 14, 2016 in Munich.